Simply one of the most important pieces of artwork that human beings have ever created.

The Seated Scribe is a famous work of art that dates from the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt - around 2600s BC. That’s a seriously long time ago.

This beautiful sculpture represents a man in a seated position, presumably a scribe.

Particular attention was devoted to the eyes. They are inlaid with rock crystal and magnesite. Perhaps the most striking and surprising aspect of the statue is it’s a very life-like face. Ancient Egyptian artwork is usually highly stylised and larger than life. But here, humanism is displayed intentionally.

The realistic features are, in my opinion, on par with the famous Bust of Nefertiti.

It seems that the ancient Egyptians preferred their stylised portrayal of themselves over a realistic, human portrayal.

His eyes pierce the observer as if waiting for them to speak. His hands are placed gently on his lap. His right hand is pointing towards the papyrus as if he has already started writing down what he sees.

His identity is unknown but it’s fair to say he was of huge importance. He has been immortalised forever with this incredible statue.

He will be admired by humans for as long as there are humans on Earth.