Isis is one of the most important ancient Egyptian deities of them all. Her role was vast and in-depth.

She was first mentioned during the very early years of the Old Kingdom (2686 BC) and her renovation spanned the entire Egyptian epoch.

Not only this, but her influence and inspiration were so great that parts of Europe and Asia are known to have worshipped her and even built temples in her honour.

She was Osiris’ wife and the archetypal good woman. She was closely associated with magic, healing and nature.

In the Osiris myth, Set kills Osiris but he is resurrected by Isis. This huge and complex myth is one of the key elements in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Her divine status was so strong that some scholars have speculated that her motherly compassion had some influence on Christianity. In particular - Mary and her child, Jesus Christ.

Isis spread her wings. And In doing so she infected the whole world with her intoxicating, matriarchal divinity.