This is the face of the man who had a relationship with ancient Egypt’s most famous queen - Cleopatra.

A show of unity and politics at its core, the unity between Cleopatra and Caesar is one of the most important ‘marriages’ between two ancient people that ever happened.

At the time of the meeting, Egypt was crumbling. Political instability and economical problems were threatening all-out civil war.

Ancient Rome had huge political, economic and social ties with Egypt. So if Egypt was struggling, Rome would also feel the effects of such instability.

Everything was connected.

In a bold move, Julius Caesar visited Egypt and saw the civil strife first hand.

He met Cleopatra and was charmed by her wit and intelligence. A show of unity would surly simmer down the clucking populace of Egypt and ensure a resolution to the political tension - he thought.

When he was assassinated, Cleopatra was in Rome. She fled back to Egypt where she remained with her son with Caesar - Caesarion.

Rome never acknowledged the marriage between Caesar and Cleopatra as Caesar was already married to another woman - Calpurnia. However, Cleopatra probably saw the relationship as a sort of marriage.

It wasn’t too long after Caesar’s death that Cleopatra started the greatest love affair of all time.

With Marc Antony.