Did you know that The Sphinx may have once sported a crown? This artist’s impression shows how it may have looked. A different kind of look.

The Sphinx has been written about since ancient times. It’s a wonder and splendour only beckons a sense of unknown and mystery.

Before its excavation (it was buried up to its chest in sand) and renovations, the Sphinx had a very distinct hole in the top of its head. This strange recess baffled scholars and Egyptologists until a hypothesis was put forward that it may have once been the support base to hold a huge crown.

As you can see in the picture, the artist has given the Sphinx a classic double crown. This ‘Sekhemty’ combined the White Hedjet crown of Upper Egypt and the Red Deshret crown of Lower Egypt. Before Egypt’s unification in the First Dynasty, Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt had their own specific crown.

The unification by Narmer combined the two into one royal headdress.

A fringe theory put forward for this strange hole is a secret doorway that leads to a chamber which holds the Hall of Records - a huge library which contains written literature of Egypt’s lost histories.

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