This reconstruction was achieved by 3D scanning a mummy known as The Gilded Lady.

She lived around 30 BC when Egypt had already become a province of the Roman Empire. When Rome took control of Egypt some of the ancient traditions died.

Most mummies before the Roman period were buried in wooden coffins. Roman influence seeped into Egyptian burial customs and mummies started to be buried in nothing but thick wrappings and cartonnage. Also, the elaborate hieroglyphs that would adorn sarcophagi began to disappear.

When scientists examined her body they discovered that she died when she was in her late 40s. She also had a slight overbite and evidence of Tuberculosis was found in her tissue.

This was probably the cause of her death.

3D scans of this nature can give researchers a very good idea as to how these ancient people once looked. Everything from skin thickness to cheek structure is determinable.

This hyper-realistic reconstruction is a revealing sight. It brings home the fact that these ancient people were very much just like us. Not much separates us at all.

Only the ticking of time.

Facial reconstruction: Élisabeth Daynès.