Meet Minidris. An ancient Egyptian child who died over 2,500 years ago. Here is his reconstruction.

After examining the body, Minidris shows no sign of disease or trauma and seems to have been of good health when he died. It could be that he was killed by a poisonous animal or even died in a tragic accident like drowning.

This amazing reconstruction was done by Élisabeth Daynès after CT scans were performed on the boy's sarcophagus.

An inscription on his coffin identifies the youth as Minirdis, son of Inaros, a priest of fertility god Min. Inaros was responsible for the ritual washing and dressing of Min’s statue. The position was hereditary, so if Minirdis had lived, he would have gotten the job after his father died.

It’s reconstructions like this that make you realise that ancient people were living, breathing people. Not just names in books or inscriptions on tomb walls.