I visited this building and found it to surpass description. For if all the great works of the Greeks could be put together in one, they would not equal this Labyrinth. The Pyramids likewise surpass description, but the Labyrinth surpasses the Pyramids.

These are the words of legendary Greek Historian, Herodotus. He is describing a gigantic Labyrinth that once existed in ancient Egypt. A Labyrinth that once existed but has since been lost.

We know that its original purpose was to serve as a mortuary temple to Pharaoh Amenemhat III. A place where the people could leave offerings and blessings to Amenemhat so that his spirit and soul could continue to prosper in the afterlife.

The only other eyewitness account we have of the Labyrinth is from Strabo, another Greek philosopher who visited the site in the 1st Century BC. He writes.

In front of the entrance are crypts, as it were, which are so long and numerous and have winding passages communicating with each other so that no stranger can find his way without a guide.

It’s safe to say that what Herodotus and Strabo were writing about was a huge Labyrinth that surpassed even the fabled maze that held the Minotaur in Greek Mythology. Yet....this actually existed.

Is mind blown?