Warning: Contains gruesome details.

Homosexuality, brutality, rape and violence. Set and Horus have always been enemies.

They had a rivalry that lasted through the ages. Their hatred for one another was only matched by their extreme jealously of each other’s feats.

The beginnings of the myth start when Set murders Osiris, Horus’s Father, and chops his body into tiny pieces. Horus then of course...seeks revenge.

In killing Osiris, the ‘throne’ of Egypt was up for grabs. Set argued that the throne should be his because of his unmatched strength. But Horus was sure the helm should be given to him, by virtue of his familial right to rule.

One night, Horus was sleeping on a mountain top. Set crept up behind him and gouged out his eyes. The motherly Hathor came to Horus’s aid and poured milk onto his wounds which nursed him back to health.

After such a brutal act, the judges of Egypt forced Set and Horus to settle their differences and make amends. Which they did. But Set, cunning and vulgar, had plans for Horus.

He seduced his nephew and had sex with him. In ancient Egypt, there was no real concept of homosexuality. All that mattered, was that Set had dominated Horus.

But Horus was not humiliated. He caught Set’s semen in his hand and threw it into the Nile - semen was thought to be an extremely potent substance in ancient Egypt.

In an act of incest, Isis (Horus’s mother) then extracted Horus’s semen and disguised it in lettuce leaves, which Set then ate.

For 80 years the grisly rivalry continued.

Not exactly a Disney movie is it?