Neferneferuaten Nefertiti is in some respects the most famous queen who has ever lived.

In this highly detailed reconstruction of her face, her beauty and sternness come across at the same time.

Nefertiti’s reign as chief queen coincided with a huge upheaval of religious and artistic reform. If it wasn’t for this sudden change - her famous bust may never have been produced. It is because of this new artistic ‘way of thinking’ which was responsible for her incredibly detailed bust which was sculpted by Thutmose - an ancient Egyptian master artist.

M.A. Ludwig (the man responsible for this facial reconstruction) said; I’ve seen artists try to bring out the living likeness of Queen Nefertiti many times, and most of the attempts, though good in and of themselves, always seem to adjust her facial features to match contemporary standards of beauty in some way, which isn’t really necessary because the original bust of Nefertiti is already so beautiful and lifelike. I took the chance of leaving the bust’s features entirely as they are, only replacing the paint and plaster with flesh and bone.

The result is astonishing.