What is Pharaoh’s worst nightmare? What is the one thing that scared a pharaoh more than anything else? What could be so terrible that it may haunt a pharaoh all his life?

The robbery and desecration of his tomb.

To reach the afterlife, your outer body must be preserved, whole and intact. Your organs must sit safely in four Canopic Jars. Your tomb is filled with everything you need and more. It must not be disturbed.

But should a desperate tomb robber enter your sanctuary and ransack your holy place - now you are in trouble,

Tomb robbers would rummage through your funerary goods. They would pocket jewels and golden trinkets. They would open your sarcophagus and tear through your linen wrappings to get at the highly valuable amulets that are hidden within. Sometimes your arms would be torn off in the chaos and confusion.

Canopic Jars would get smashed, shrines would be stripped of gems and sacred objects would be pocketed.

The desecration of ancient Egyptian tombs usually happened soon after burial. The guards could usually be bribed or were even in on the act themselves.

It’s no secret that once Egyptian tombs became more elaborate so did the value of the treasure buried within - and the grave robbers knew it. How can you reach the afterlife if you are not whole?

Most tombs were broken into and robbed.

Almost none escaped this fate.