Where did all ancient Egyptians go after death? They went to The Underworld - for ultimate judgment.

The Underworld or Duat in ancient Egyptian mythology was a place you didn’t want to be. Your soul would pass through the Underworld and arrive at a place where it would be judged.

The Duat was a blank, dark and open realm of nothing. An empty expanse where nothing existed and no sound travelled.

Anubis was Guardian of the Scales. He was a critical component during the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. If the deceased’s heart weighed the same as the feather of Maat then that soul would ascend to a heavenly existence. However, if the heart weighed more than the feather it would be devoured by Ammit - quashing any chance of entering the afterlife.

The afterlife was an ancient Egyptians perfect idea of life. Loved ones were there, animals, warmth, fruit, clean water, and of course endless golden fields.