What was life like for an ancient Egyptian child? What did they do? Did they have freedom? What was expected of them?

As you may imagine life for an ancient Egyptian was difficult - but it was even more difficult for a child.

Being born in ancient Egypt in itself was extremely dangerous. For mother and child. If this process was without tragedy the child then had to be protected from the elements as best as possible.

Due to disease and dangerous animals about 1/3 of children died before their 1st birthday.

By age 5 children were already learning about gods and goddesses. Boys were generally considered trouble makers, whereas girls were seen as more innocent.

All children were taught from an early age how important it was to do good deeds. This, they were told, kept the heart light and the soul pure.

Children played with spinning tops, marbles, dolls made of papyrus, balls and of course games of chase, strength and agility.

Those who were lucky enough to be born into rich families were taught maths, sciences and writing. These skills were often taught by tutors but parents would of course help.

By the time a child was 12 and entering puberty, marriage wasn’t uncommon. However, there wasn’t any real formal age when a child became an adult. The ancient Egyptians were fairly relaxed when it came to the pressures of courtship.

When the parents would pass away, any land or business would pass to the son. If there were no sons, property and responsibilities would be inherited by the daughters.

And so life went on.