You are looking at one of the best-preserved mummies in the world.

His name is Yuya, a powerful courtier during the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. His wife, Tjuyu held high offices and was closely linked to the royal family at the time.

The daughter they had together, Tiye, eventually went on to become the wife of Amenhotep III - one of ancient Egypt’s greatest and magnificent pharaohs.

The tomb of Yuya and Tjuyu was the most spectacular tomb ever found (not counting Tutankhamun’s tomb) and the treasures and artefacts found inside were largely untouched. Even though the tomb had been robbed during antiquity, the tomb robbers apparently didn’t think many of the goods were worth taking.

The preservation of Yuya’s face is astounding. It’s easy to see how he looked when he was alive. A regal nose, chiselled jaw and strong cheekbones all indicate a once handsome ancient Egyptian. The bright blonde hair is the result of the embalming process. Yuya was probably somewhat grey when he died as he was elderly by ancient Egyptian standards.