Egyptian Mythology is the most important part of ancient Egyptian history.

Without it, there would be no culture, no religion, no pyramids and no pharaohs.

The entire Egyptian epoch is built around this complicated and illustrious mythology. The ancient Egyptians believed in around 2,000 different gods and goddesses. The above tree is a snippet of the most important and dominant ones.

Nun is at the top. She represents the fertile waters of creation. She either came from the watery abyss, or she was the watery abyss. Slightly confusing right? As she was the seed of all, the artist has started with her.

As you descend the tree, familiar names start to appear. Ra - the god of the Sun, is second only to Nun. Aten to the left, sprouted on his own - originally an aspect of Ra.

Further down, Bastet, the goddess represented by a cat, purrs gently next to Hathor, one of the oldest goddesses who was usually represented by a Cow. Moo.

In the middle, Geb and Nut reach out and touch hands. I hope she’s not telling him a joke - his laughter created Earthquakes.

Below Geb, Osiris stands upright. He was the very first Mummy, brought back to life after he was killed by his brother, Set. Isis, the goddess of healing, gathered his body parts and breathed life into his battered remains.

The very fabric of the Egyptian consciousness was in these deities. All reasoning, all thought and all actions were centred around them.