The Younger Lady mummy is world-renowned as being one of Egyptology’s biggest mysteries.

Her identity remains in dispute.

But this post isn’t about her identity, it’s about her obvious and brutal facial injury.

It has been proposed, after CT scans and scientific testing, that the large, gaping injury to her face was actually caused prior to her death - not caused by ancient tomb robbers as previously thought.

The lack of healing of the injury bolsters the theory that it was her cause of death.

Various hypotheses for this wound have come forward. Ranging from a violent kick from a horse, a chariot accident and even cold-blooded murder.

When dealing with history as old as this it is prudent to have an open mind. Some things aren’t always what they seem.

What do you think? Did the Younger Lady meet her end in an accident?

Or was it an axe in the dark?