You’re looking at the mummified feet of Tutankhamun.

They were dried with natron, embalmed in oils and then wrapped up in meters and meters of fine linens. Each toe was individually bound to ensure the best preservation.

As you can see, the feet look as though they have been charred by fire.

It’s true that Tutankhamun's mummification was essentially a failure. His embalmers used a type of oil that, in time, literally cooked his body. Experts suspect the oils used in the embalming process soaked the linen that formed the king's burial shroud. In the presence of oxygen, these flammable oils started a chain reaction that ignited and "cooked" Tutankhamun's body at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius.

But charred feet aside...these feet roamed the Egyptian world over 3,345 years ago.

They belong to a boy who was barely a man. He stomped around his empire with these feet a long, long time ago.