Nefertari stands behind Ramesses as he prays to the gods. She whispers silently behind him, guiding him in his search for the answer that he seeks.

One of the greatest marriages in history was between Ramesses the Great and Nefertari.

They were inseparable.

For whom the sun shines - is what Ramesses had to say about her. He loved Nefertari with all his heart. And she loved him back.

He, of course, had other wives. A pharaoh must be involved with women of fertility so to increase the chances of having healthy heirs. In fact, Ramesses had many sons and he lived so long that he outlived 12 of them. She accepted this. It did not diminish her love for him.

No other woman could capture Ramesses’ heart like Nefertari. She is often pictured with him in tomb reliefs and stone monuments. She is literally carved into the rock at Abu Simbel - by his side for all eternity. His love for her was like a constant streak of light. He built one of the most beautiful temples that have ever existed - at Abu Simbel, for her.

Ramesses left a poem on the wall of her tomb. It reads the following.

My love is unique — no one can rival her, for she is the most beautiful woman alive. Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart.