This artist’s impression of The Great Sphinx when it was first built is a sobering sight.

The paint on the face is still fresh and the finishing touches are being applied to the traditional Nemes headdress.

When impressions like this are drawn, it’s important to keep an open mind. This is just one person’s opinion of how The Sphinx looked. As you can see, the pyramids in the background are encased in their polished, shimmering limestone and their peaks are topped with the illustrious golden capstones.

In this rendition, the artist hasn’t included the hypothetical crown that is supposed to have once sat on the sphinx’s head.

A hole found on top of the head is theorised to have once held a traditional royal crown - but the hole was filled in during repairs to reinforce the structure.

The Sphinx cannot be talked about at length without mentioning it’s mysterious and debated origins.