Howard Carter stares in sheer awe as he gazes upon Tutankhamun’s newly found resting place.

The light above him projects a beam of artificial light that would have been interpreted as divine in 1325 BC - the year of Tut’s death.

Even the clothes that Howard Carter is wearing would have seen foreign and otherworldly to Tutankhamun and his followers.

3,247 years separate the two men. In Howard Carter’s world, nightclubs were roaring in New York, aeroplanes were soaring through the sky and people were saying “hello” Into a device that enabled us to communicate over huge distances.

In Tutankhamun’s world. All of this would have been too much to understand. In his world, such things would have been attributed to the gods. Technology to the ancients would confuse and horrify them. The device you are holding in your hand right now would elicit a sense of total disbelief.

Only the gods can harness such power, or so it was thought 3,247 years ago.