Cleopatra is everywhere, and yet..she is nowhere.

Where is Cleopatra’s tomb?

For thousands of years, the mystery has only deepened. Where is it? And are we likely to find it?

According to ancient sources from Plutarch and Suetonius, Octavian (the Roman leader who defeated Cleopatra) permitted her and Mark Antony to be buried together. But, this is debated.

The Romans had an unfortunate habit of cremating their dead, so the chances of Mark Antony’s remains being found are practically zero.

But Cleopatra was Greek who had adopted Egyptian religion, so it’s safe to safe she could have been mummified and buried somewhere secret by servants and staff loyal to her.

Excavations have been carried out in Taposiris Magna located just west of Alexandria. Dozens of mummies were found and even coins bearing Cleopatra’s image. It is speculated that she could have been buried here initially and then moved later on. But her tomb remains illusive.

Most of ancient Alexandria now lies under 20 feet of water. It’s entirely possible that Cleopatra’s tomb is underneath the waves. Protected by any living human eye.

So far, efforts to locate her tomb have been fruitless. But there is still hope that one day, the most famous queen of all time will be found. Maybe even with Marc Antony’s ashes.

Together in life, together in death.