Royal wife to Amenhotep III. Daughter to Yuya and Tjuyu. Mother to Akhenaten and grandmother to Tutankhamun.

That’s one hell of a royal combination.

Lady Tiye was an extremely important part of Ancient Egyptian history. No other queen featured so prominently alongside her husband. She was depicted on temple, mortuary and statuary wall reliefs.

She wielded a great deal of power and is thought to had foreign blood in her veins. Could this foreign/outsider way of thinking influence Akhenaten’s radical views on religion? It’s certainly possible.

Her mummy was found badly damaged in the antechamber of Amenhotep II’s tomb. At this point, it wasn’t known who the mummy belonged to so it was simply labelled ‘The Elder Lady’ owing to the fact that another female mummy was discovered alongside her who was apparently younger in age.

DNA testing on the mummy decades later conclusively confirmed that the mummy was indeed Queen Tiye. It’s hard to believe she died thousands of years ago. Her hair is still wavey and thick and her facial features are still identifiable.