The ancient Egyptians never quite managed to build anything this big, but can you imagine if they did?


If this architecture had been really there would certainly be the same amount of debate surrounding it as the Pyramids.

I’m sure aliens would be taking credit for architecture on this kind of scale just as the Pyramids of Giza are.

Why do some people think the Pyramids were built by an extraterrestrial race? Is it because when people look at these massive structures they just can’t fathom how they were built by humans?

That’s quite likely.

Supporters of the alien hypothesis base their belief in popular culture. They see the fringe theory and regurgitate it without realising the fact that their hypothesis has absolutely no evidence to be considered a theory. It’s barely a hypothesis.


Because it’s more exciting and more interesting than the truth.

Pseudoarchaeology and pseudoscience generate millions and millions of dollars/pounds/euros every year. Television shows like Ancient Aliens put forth these ideas without evidence and bad science. Often leaping to extraordinary conclusions based on nothing but a vivid imagination.

The truth about the building of ancient structures is far less interesting to the general public. And far less profitable to TV studios, book publishers and movie executives.