These tattoos were found on the neck of an ancient Egyptian woman who died more than 3,000 years ago during the Ramesside period of the New Kingdom.

Some of these tattoos depict Cobras, Cows and Baboons, all of which were important sacred animals to the ancient Egyptians.

Most notably though, is the clear shape of the Eye of Horus, a symbol for good health and protection. This particular mummy has over 30 different tattoos.

She was found along with 6 others all of which had at least one tattoo on their body. It is not known how the tattoos were applied or how tattooing developed over thousands of years in Egypt.

Predynastic mummies have been found with tattoos on their skin, which predates this New Kingdom mummy by thousands of years. The method of tattooing between predynastic times and Ramesside times could be vastly different.

Interestingly, all the mummies found with tattoos are of women. This could reflect their stance in society. Perhaps they were associated with temples as priestesses, who had roles in singing and dancing and performance. This seems likely.