The boy king. The most famous Pharaoh of them all, the son of the mad king. Tut came to power when he was just 9 years old. He would have been flocked by a consort of advisers and viziers at such a young age. At the time, Egypt was going through a tumultuous period.

Tutankhamun’s father, Akhenaten, had died suddenly after attempting to change the religious beliefs and order of Egyptian culture. The advice of the boy kings’ council was to revert back to worshipping the old gods and reestablish the traditional ways of Egyptian life. This won favour with the people and he was well-liked during his short reign.

He married his half-sister, Ankhesenamun. It wasn’t abnormal for Egyptian Pharaohs to marry and have children with family (even immediate family) indeed, it was preferred as it was thought to strengthen the bloodline. This incest had quite the opposite effect and none of King Tut’s children survived the full term of pregnancy.

Recent scientific findings suggest that Tutankhamun himself had disabilities and ill health due to this familial incest. Research and tests show that Tut had a form of scoliosis and almost certainly walked with a cane (this would explain why so many ornate canes were found in his tomb)
It’s not known how he died.

Although it’s generally accepted that a combination of ill health, malaria and/or an accident whilst hunting contributed to his early demise.