The warrior pharaoh who liberated Egypt is often depicted as the greatest military commander of all time. Undefeated in battle, his campaign of destruction spanned from Greece to northwestern India becoming one of the largest empires in world history -all by the time he was 30.

Alexander claimed Egypt in 332 B.C and founded the city that was named after him - Alexandria. The city was to become one of the most illustrious and prosperous cities of the ancient world during the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

Having saved Egypt from its frightful enemies, Alexander was proclaimed son of the Egyptian god, Amun during a ritual at the Siwa Oasis.
Egypt, now liberated from the Persians, was now a suitably Greek city.

Even though Alexander respected Egyptian values and religion he established a Greek government while he was away extending his empire. Although he never returned to Egypt, Alexander had a lasting effect on the Egyptians and when he died the Ptolemies took hereditary control for themselves - claiming the throne.