HOREMHEB 1319-1292 BC.

Horemheb’s early life is virtually unknown. We think he was one of the only Pharaohs who were of civic birth. Probably plucked from an early age during his time as an officer whilst serving under Amenhotep III. Akhenaten saw potential and appointed him as supreme commander of his army.

Horemheb set about restoring Egypt to its former glory - usurping and reusing monuments built by his predecessors, Ay and Tutankhamun.
Because Horemheb was somewhat successful and prosperous before he became Pharaoh, he had already built himself a tomb.

This didn’t stop him from building a second, more grandiose tomb in the valley of the kings - once he ascended to the throne. This makes him the only Pharaoh to of had two tombs.

There is also evidence that Horemheb was unsuccessful in producing an heir. Both mummies of his wives were excavated and studied. They showed signs that they had given birth to multiple children. Mutnodjmet, one of his wives, was found with a fetus inside her mummy. She probably died trying to produce an heir for Horemheb.

Since he died without an heir he appointed his Vizier, Paramesse who in turn changed his name to Ramesses I when he ascended to the throne.