Ra was the Ancient Egyptian god of the Sun. He was all-powerful and ruled over all parts of the cosmos including the sky, the earth and the underworld.
Ra was so important and so integral to Egyptian religion that all other gods became a manifestation of him. Ra was behind everything. He was the creator of everything and everyone.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun was the bringer of life. It was needed to make life, to make crops grow and to give warmth. The form in which he usually appears is as a man with a falcon head - borrowed from another sky god, Horus.
By the time of the New Kingdom, when the Deity Amun became important, the two were connected and intertwined together to create Amun-Ra.

Pharaohs were considered literally ‘Sons of Ra’ - manifestations of Ra. This helped to semi deify the Pharaohs and boost their status against the common people.

Ra was worshipped for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the Roman Empire came along when Ra’s popularity started to dwindle. Christianity was spreading through Europe and beyond. Not even Ra could vanquish such a foe.