Ma’at in Ancient Egyptian religion was the balance of all things. It was the justice, harmony, balance and law of which all critical thinking and decisions were made.

Ma’at helped form and drive a way of thinking that is rarely seen at this time period in other civilisations. The goddess who personified all of this was of the same name - Ma’at. She was responsible for the balance of truth, the stars and the decisions that people made.

The Weighing of the Heart was one of Ma’at’s most important tasks. The souls of the dead would travel to her hall. Here, their souls would be judged. If your soul was deemed pure you would be allowed to enter The Kingdom of Osiris.

If, however, the heart was deemed too heavy and sinful it would be devoured by the ghastly Ammit - and the deceased would ‘die a second time’. Scary!

Eventually, the pure souls would reach Sekhet-Aaru (The Field of Reeds). Here, lush waterfalls, springs, animals, loved ones, friends and a beautiful golden sea of reeds would be your home.