Khasekhemwy has by far the coolest name of all the Pharaohs. Well, maybe Sekhemresewdjtawy is slightly cooler. But far more difficult to pronounce.

Little is known about this mysterious and illusive Pharaoh. We know there were several military expeditions in his name based on artefacts and writings that have come down to us.

For a time, Egyptologists believed there was a Pharaoh before Khasekhemwy called Khasekhem. However, it is now thought that after reunifying Upper and Lower Egypt, Khasekhem changed his name to Khasekhemwy. Still, following me?

He is believed to be the first Pharaoh to of built statues of himself - a tradition that followed for virtually every single Pharaoh after him.

It is almost unanimously believed that Khasekhemwy is the father of Djoser, the second Pharaoh of the 2nd Dynasty. And he may also have been the father to Sanakht- the founding Pharaoh of the 2nd Dynasty. But even this is still being debated.

Being a Pharaoh runs in the family.