Ptolemy II was the second ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt. He was the son of Ptolemy I Soter who founded the dynasty after Alexander the Great died.

The Ptolemies were no different from the Ancient Egyptians when it came to familial relations. He married his sister Arsinoe II.

At the time of Ptolemy’s rule, he had developed good relations with allies using skilful diplomacy and increased agriculture whilst also making Alexandria a central hub for science and philosophy.

It is said that Ptolemy adopted Egyptian culture which would of curried favour with the people. Although a Macedonian at heart he knew the value in keeping the people on his side.

Something his decedents failed to grasp.

You can see the contrasts in the style of the two busts. One classically Egyptian, the almond-shaped eyes, the ears visible in front of the Nemes (headdress) whilst the other is very Latin in tone, the furled curly hair with a long stern nose.