The second coffin of Tutankhamun is covered in gilded gold and precious stones. As Howard Carter lifted off the lid of the first sarcophagus he was greeted by yet another coffin - this one.

The face was covered In a decayed layer of linen. As he folded back the cloth the glint of gold shone brightly in the dim light, unearthed after 3500 years.

The Pharaoh’s brow was adorned with lotus petals and cornflowers. The second coffin was revealed to be even more magnificent than the first. It is 2.04 meters long and made from a still unidentified wood overlaid with golden foil.

The eyes are set in obsidian and the crook and flail held in the Pharaoh’s hands are laced with lapis-blue and turquoise glass.

The amount of work that went into this sarcophagus is staggering. It would have taken hundreds of hours to make. A painstaking process that would have been overseen by Tutankhamun himself.