Have you ever wondered why lots of Ancient Egyptian statues are missing their nose? Could it be that they were victims of terrible accidents and blunders? Or is the explanation more sinister?

Turns’s mostly the latter.

The case of broken noses on Ancient Egyptian statues is somewhat of a common epidemic. You see these wonderful works of art but in a lot of cases, the nose seems to of been snapped off in some malicious act of destruction.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that statues had a sort of life force and if a marauding army or domestic disturbance occurred, they would often break off the nose of any nearby statues - to disable the force that lay within.

The nose is a key body part with which we keep ourselves alive. And if you want to disable a statue and rob it of its the essence - you break the nose off.

It’s also apparent that by destroying the nose of the statue, you are also defiling the person it is supposed to represent - a Pharaoh, a God or some other divine person. This isn’t unique to Ancient Egyptian statues. Beautiful works of art from many different civilisations have suffered this same fate.

A terrible shame.