This female figurine was made before The Pyramids, before The Sphinx, before Abu Simbel, before the first tombs were built, before Karnak Temple, before Philae and before Upper and Lower Egypt were united as one. Now that’s old.

3500-3400 BC is the date generally given to this artefact which makes it Predynastic/Neolithic. The head is shaped like a bird. Could this be a representation of a now lost goddess? There aren’t any written inscriptions from this time period to identify the figure so we can only speculate.

She wears a white skirt and her body comes to a point at the bottom - more evidence that the figure is representing a Goddess who has the likeliness of a bird.

Artefacts over 5000 years old are extremely rare. Especially to be found in such immaculate condition. It’s hard to believe that those fragile arms have stayed attached the body for 5 millennia.

I’ve included some of my favourite predynastic artefacts from Egypt. Swipe across and take a look.