A close up of Tutankhamun’s innermost solid gold coffin. The boy-king was buried in not one but three separate sarcophagi. Now that’s extravagant.

When it was discovered it was covered in a thick pitch-like substance. This was probably poured onto the coffin by the priests during the burial ceremony.

When Tutankhamun was found by Howard Carter, he had no idea why this huge coffin was so heavy. Turns out - it was mostly because of the solid gold inner sarcophagus which was responsible for most of the total weight - a whopping 110.4 kilograms.

Adjusted for inflation, the total value of the gold coffin is around 1.7 million USD. The extravagant expense of this sarcophagus goes to show how much money royalty would pour into their tombs to ensure the most dazzling journey to the afterlife.