A mummified Cat was found in the tomb of Prince Thutmose. It is said that he was very fond of his pet Cat. The royal feline had its own beautiful limestone coffin.

Prince Thutmose is my kind of guy.

Cats in Ancient Egypt were revered and worshipped for almost 30 centuries. They
were deified and helped represent a large number of goddesses such as Bastet, Sekhmet, Mafdet and Mut.

Ra is presented as a Cat in the Book of the Dead - the main funerary text of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians worshipped cats so much that they would mummify them and place them in the tombs of the deceased - so they could protect the dead person on his or her journey to the afterlife.

The demand for cats in Ancient Egypt was so high that cat breeders were constantly busy. People increasingly wanted to be buried with cats. Not only that but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Cats were domesticated and kept as pets.