Osiris was the god of the afterlife, rebirth and the underworld in Ancient Egypt. He was depicted as a green-skinned being - complete with Atef crown and crook and flail. You don’t mess with Osiris.

Evidence of his worship is documented as early as the 5th dynasty the Old Kingdom. But it is likely he was worshipped much earlier.

When a Pharaoh died he was associated with Osiris in death so that he might become immortal through a process of magic spells that grant eternal life.

During the Ptolemaic dynasty, Osiris was combined with traits of various Greek gods. This concoction was basically a Hellenised version of Osiris.

His decline in worship started after the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Other religions were sweeping through Europe and the old Egyptian cult was receding to make way for new-age creeds such as Christianity.