Set was the god of chaos, disorder, violence, foreigners and storms. He was usually represented as a sort of hybrid between a jackal and a fox and maybe even a donkey. Ancient Egyptians would depict him as his own sort of animal.

According to Egyptian myth, Set was the son of Geb and Nut. His brother was Osiris and his sister was Isis. He is said to of killed and mutilated Osiris who was then resurrected and reassembled by Isis. They then conceived Horus who sought revenge on Set.

In one of the more talked about rivalries of Set and Horus, Set sexually abuses Horus. This is meant to represent Set’s brutal and indiscriminate sexual desire along with trying to demean Horus.

In another episode, Set asks Horus to have sex with him. Horus only agrees to this request if Set agrees to give him some of his powers (strength). In Ancient Egyptian culture, semen is extremely dangerous and potent so this encounter puts Horus at risk. Horus is way too clever for that though and catches Set’s semen in his hands. It gets weirder.

Isis is extremely upset by this so she puts Horus’s semen on lettuce leaves which Set then eats.

That’s one hell of a salad.