Nefertiti is perhaps one of the most well-known women of Ancient Egypt. Her husband and king, Akhenaten, ruled as Pharaoh for around 17 years. The debate is still ongoing as to whether she ruled Egypt for a short time after his death.

Her bust is one of the most copied pieces of Egyptian art and is usually attributed to Thutmose (sculptor). It was during Akhenaten’s reign that Egypt changed dramatically. Traditionally, the Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods but Akhenaten decreed that they should only worship one - Aten.

In an extraordinary letter found in Hattusa, addressed to the king of the Hittites, the queen reportedly wrote the following.

My husband has died and I have no son. They say about you that you have many sons. You might give me one of your sons to become my husband. I would not wish to take one of my subjects as a husband... I am afraid’. The author of this letter is debated.

Nefertiti’s mummy has never been formally identified. There have been several candidates but confirmation has never been conclusive. The location of her tomb also remains unknown.