A divine triumvirate between Akhenaten, Queen Nerfertifi and the sun disk, Aten.

The above shows Pharaoh Akhenaten (left) and his Queen Nefertiti (right) depicted as Shu and Tefnut. Shu was the god of Air and Tefnut was the goddess of moisture.

The piece reveals a lot about Atenism. The ring clearly shows Akhenaten and Nerfertiti worshipping the sun god, Aten.

Fashioned out of solid gold, the ring would have been an extremely precious piece of jewellery. It was crafted around 1353 B.C.

I wonder if Akhenaten ever wore this ring? Maybe Nefertiti wore it with pride. Or perhaps it was more of a ceremonial object never to be worn - but to simply highlight the divine power of the Aten cult.