A vessel made around 1295-1185 BC. Did it once hold Ancient Egyptian wine?

The Ancient Egyptians are known to of enjoyed wine for thousands of years. There is significant evidence that they had vast vineyards and wine cellars have been excavated and studied. A major industry.

The wine was of red in colour and was superstitiously associated with blood.

Shedeh was the most sacred of these primitive wines and was used ritualistically and offered to the gods during burials.

Irep was a more popular wine which was consumed by the common people. It wasn’t until the rule of Psamtik I (26th Dynasty 664–610 BC) that wine was consumed by Pharaohs.

Prior to this, the Egyptians thought that drunkenness was caused by the blood of people who had forsaken the gods and their blood was now intermingled with the wine - causing the drinker to lose his or her senses and thus become tainted by it.