Gemenefherbak was an Ancient Egyptian vizier who officiated in the 26th Dynasty. (664-525 BC)

His massive grandiose sarcophagus is made out of meta-graywacke and is unusual in its all-black colouring. Does its simplicity make it more beautiful than other, more elaborate sarcophagi?

The symbol for Maat is carved into the front of the coffin to portray his judicial position over Lower Egypt. There is also a chapter from The Book of the Dead inscribed in Hieroglyphs.

He was given the title of ‘Controller of the Great Courts.’ He must have been someone of extreme importance to be given such a distinctive and authoritative title such as this. Impressive!

His mummy was once inside but was lost during antiquity. I wonder what happened to him? Was he deliberately moved or was he stolen after his burial?

It’s a shame that his mummy is unaccounted for. Maybe one day he will be discovered and identified and then returned to his coffin where he belongs.