Also known an Amenhotep the Magnificent, was the 9th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He ruled between 1388–1351 BC and is said to of treated Egypt to a fresh helping of artistic splendour and luxury during his long reign.

He was the father to the illustrious, Akhenaten, grandfather to Tutankhamun and his wife was the infinitely famous Queen Tiye of Egypt. That’s a serious list!

Amenhotep has the unique fact that more statues of him have been discovered than any other Pharaoh (over 250). The statues span the entire duration of his life so it makes it easier for scholars to document the length of his impressive reign.

Our Pharaoh was probably crowned as a child but would have had a fleet of advisers and viziers guiding him until he came of age and was able to rule independently.

When Amenhotep died at around age 50, he left behind a prosperous and wealthy Egypt which was at the absolute height of its international and domestic power.