This Ancient Egyptian Crystal Sphinx ring is an extremely rare example of virtually no others of its kind. Crafted around 1295-1069 BC it was probably believed to possess protective abilities as the Sphinx was one of the most revered creatures in the entire Ancient Egyptian spectrum.

Simple bands/rings have been found and dated as early as predynastic times. By the beginning of the New Kingdom, rings came in all different shapes and sizes and were worn by the common people and by royalty alike.

It is difficult to pinpoint which pharaoh this Sphinx is supposed to represent. Some of its features suggest it could be Ramesses II or maybe even Seti I.

Ancient Egyptians were extremely fond of wearing rings as they believed they possessed special powers to help defend against malevolent afflictions and unscrupulous characters.

I wonder who wore this ring? Maybe a Pharaoh once donned it whilst striding through his palace. Maybe it was worn by a vizier? Unfortunately, we will never know.