AMENEMHAT I 1991–1962 BC

Amenemhat I was the first ruler of the 12th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. The 12th dynasty is considered a golden age during the Middle Kingdom due to pharaonic stability and civic balance.

He was not of royal lineage and probably was a vizier to the previous pharaoh, Mentuhotep IV. It is said that Amenemhat usurped his predecessor and took the throne for himself.

This was followed by some political strife and unrest but Amenhotep quickly quashed any civil/political rumblings.

Some scholars have deduced that he was the first Pharaoh we know of who had a cogency - with his son, Senusret I.

Amenhotep was assassinated by his own guards in a conspiracy. Brutal! As his son, Senusret was ruling with him jointly, he took over the kingship of Egypt and became the second Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty.