These two glass inlays of Nefertiti and Akhenaten (1353-1336 BC) are just a couple of examples of glass in Ancient Egypt.

It’s not entirely known when humans first started to make glass but it is believed to of originated in Mesopotamia (2500 BC) and then around 1000 years later Ancient Egyptians started to dabble in glass craft.

The very first glass vessels were made during the reign of Thutmosis I (1506–1493 BC). The Ancient Egyptians probably learned of glassmaking through their expansion into the Middle East and through trade.

The method of Core-forming and Cold cutting is believed to be how they were able to create such intricate pieces of art at such an early stage in human history.

For the Ancient Egyptians, glass was considered a rare and novel material that was reserved only for the super-rich. It was given as gifts and worn as jewellery by royalty and high officials. Fancy!