The Great Sphinx of Giza is seriously ancient. So old that not even the Ancient Egyptians themselves could remember exactly what or who it was built for.

It is the oldest monumental structure in Egypt and although some belief it to represent the Pharaoh Khafre, there is no direct evidence to support this hypothesis.

It is impossible to tell what the Ancient Egyptians called The Sphinx in the time of the Old Kingdom as there is no reference to The Great Sphinx at all. It wasn’t until the New Kingdom that the Egyptians started to refer to it as the solar deity Hor.

There is one theory that suggests that the main type of erosion found on The Sphinx is due to extensive and prolonged rainfall. If this theory is proved to be correct it would make The Sphinx considerably older than first thought, predating Khafre and Djedefre by a seriously long time.

Was The Sphinx’ head originally in the shape of a lion and recarved in the shape of a pharaoh sometime later? This has also been put forth and debated.

What do you think? Was The Sphinx built in honour of a Pharaoh or is it older than conventional Egyptology implies? Was it carved by a civilisation even more ancient than the Ancient Egyptians?