The death mask of Amenemope is one of the crown jewels of Ancient Egyptian art. Its gold structure is typical of death masks during that period and is reminiscent of Psusennes death mask who was Amenemope’s predecessor and father. Gold runs in the family.

Reigning from 993–984 BC, it’s safe to say that Amenemope took over the throne after an apparent coregency with his father.

Apart from his tomb and some other inscriptions, Amenemope is fairly poorly attested when it comes to information about his rule and what sort of person he was. We know he was granted the title of High Priest of Amun but other major details about his life remain a mystery.

Examination of his mummy reports that he lived to advanced age and probably died because of a skull infection which developed into meningitis.

What do you think about this mask? Is it’s simple design more desirable than some of the more famous death masks like King Tut or Psusennes?