Smenkhkare 1335–1334 BC was an Egyptian Pharaoh during the 18th Dynasty. Or was he?

His reign was an incredibly short 1 year and he was almost totally removed from existence due to the damnatio memoriae that occurred beginning with Horemheb when he tried to erase the Amarna period from history.

So little is known about Smenkhkare that his gender has been subject to speculation. Evidence of feminine traces in various inscriptions and epithets have raised speculation that he indeed could be a she. There is also a theory that the great queen of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, was known for a short time as Smenkhkare but this is just conjecture.

It is possible that Smenkhkare died only months after Akhenaten. Tests on his mummy reveal that Smenkhkare was a close relation to King Tutankhamun, further bolstering the theory that all three Pharaohs were all first blood relatives.

There just isn’t enough conclusive evidence to say for sure who Smenkhkare really was.

Sometimes history is a mystery.