Horus was one of the most critical and most central gods in all of Ancient Egypt. He was often portrayed as a falcon-headed man wearing a pschent as a symbol of his kingship over his domain.

Horus was worshipped as far back as the beginnings of the Old Kingdom and probably earlier. There is evidence of him on the Narmer Palette which is one of the oldest examples of hieroglyphs in all Egyptology - see my previous post on this.

Horus had a long and arduous rift with his brother, Set. The pair were constantly fighting and trying to outdo one another. He has a very important role in the Osiris Myth as her heir and rival to Set.

Horus was worshipped all the way up to the Ptolemaic Dynasty and even Roman Egypt. His power gradually started to fade as Christianity and other affluent religions started to sweep through Egypt and most of Europe.

Horus was finally defeated.