The mortuary temple of Ramesses III (1186–1155 BC) was built during the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. The sheer wall is covered with sacred hieroglyphs detailing the defeat of the Sea Peoples who plagued Egypt for a time during the Twentieth Dynasty.

The amount of hieroglyphs on the walls is staggering. It must have taken hundreds of people many many months to inscribe all those glyphs. Using just basic tools, they would have been proud leave their mark on the world - leaving their legacy behind.

His tenure of constant war had almost brought Egypt to its knees. Internal power struggles and political strife was in the air and in early April 1155 BC, Ramesses’ life came to a bitter end when he was assassinated by one of his own wives, Tiye. She had conspired with other members of the inner circle in what is now known as The Harem Conspiracy.